Siemens PLC Remote Access

Remote location's own infrastructure via cable or wifi

3G/4G Dongle direct into USB port

Phone tether via usb/wifi

Mifi router

Engineer's Laptop/TIA Portal

Mobile phone can view S7 web servers

Cloud/VPN server low cost subscription

PLC's/HMI's etc.

PLCLINK Intelligent router IR300

Effortlessly use TIA portal over a VPN tunnel through the internet connected to your Siemens PLC's/HMI's as if you were connected directly via LAN

PLCLINK IR300 Intelligent Router

PLCLINK Cloud Server



Delivered pre-configured, zero config

Easy install, zero config, secure remote access to your equipment from anywhere

Zero setup apart from target subnet

Automatically tunnels through firewalls

Automatically maintains connection

2048 Bit encryption VPN

User friendly web interface

Low monthly subscription

99.99% Uptime

OpenVPN and OpenSSH 2048 bit

Automatically maintains connection

UK servers and datacentres

24/7 monitoring and alerts

Siemens PLC Remote Access

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PlcLink features

Best solution

  1. Zero Config

    Practically plug and play
    just set your LAN IP and method of connecting to the internet.
    You will be online remotely within a few minutes

  2. Automatic tunnelling through firewalls

    PLCLINK does not require any configuration of the customers firewalls/routers etc.
    No port forwarding is required.
    Connections between the PLC/HMI to the PLCLINK Cloud server is seamless and will reconnect on network failure/dropout etc.
    Remote user just connects to the PLCLINK Cloud server and is routed immediately and transparently to the PLC/HMI
    Use TIA portal as normal as if you are directly connected to your Siemens S7 1200/1500 PLC or HMI

  3. Layer 3 Networking to Anything on a LAN

    Although designed originally for remote access to Siemens S7 PLC’s etc., PLCLINK will work with anything on the LAN that uses standard TCP/IP networking protocols.
    This means that you can connect PLCLINK to network printers, NAS, PC, MAC or all the other PLC manufacturers like :- ABB, Eton, Rockwell and others.

  4. Much cheaper than existing and more complicated solutions

    PLCLINK has been designed been designed to be cost effective for small machine builders to incorporate into the manufacture of their machinery.
    This allows them to have access to their machinery for remote software upgrades or fault diagnosis.
    End users can save on downtime by allowing engineers remote access to the machines without the need for costly onsite visits.

  5. UK Based Cloud Servers for speed and reliability

    PLCLINK is hosted on UK based cloud data centres affording maximum speed and uptime
    Upto 5MB/s VPN speeds at 2048 bit encryption.