6. More Settings

6. More Settings

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Admin Password

Change the password of the web Admin Panel, which must be at least 5 characters long. You have to input your current password in order to change it.


LAN IP is the IP address of the IR300. The start and end IP range is for devices connecting to the IR300 assigned by DHCP. The default IP address of the IR300 is If it conflicts with the IP address given to the IR300 by your Internet source, then you should change it here.

Static IP’s can be assigned to connecting devices in the Static IP Address Binding table.

Time Zone

The time of the router’s activities will be recorded according to the router time. Therefore, choosing the time zone of your location is recommended.

MAC Clone

Clone the MAC address of your current client to the router. It is used especially in hotel when the network checks your MAC address. For example, if you got your smartphone registered on the network, you can clone the MAC address of your smartphone to the router so that the router can also connect to the network.

Custom DNS Server

You can configure the DNS server of the router in order to prevent DNS leak or other purposes.

DNS Rebinding Attack Protection: Some network may require authentication in captive portal. Disable this option if the captive portal of your network cannot be resolved.

Override DNS Settings for All Clients: Enabling this option will capture DNS request from all connected clients.

DNS over TLS from Cloudflare: Cloudflare DNS over TLS uses the TLS security protocol for encrypting DNS queries, which helps increase privacy and prevent eavesdropping.

Manual DNS Server Settings: Input a custom DNS server manually.

Revert Firmware

Revert the IR300 router to factory default settings. All your settings and data will be erased.

Update PLCLINK Firmware

If you have received a firmware update, you may upload it here.

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