3. Wireless

3. Wireless

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In Wireless, you can check the current status and change the settings of the wireless network created by the IR300 router. The wireless network can be turned on or off by switching the ON/OFF button.

Wi-Fi Name (SSID): The name of the Wi-Fi. It is not suggested to use unicode characters such as Chinese.

Wi-Fi Security: The encryption method of the Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Key: The password of the Wi-Fi, which must be at least 6 characters long. We suggest you to change it when you receive the router.

Hide SSID: Show or hide the SSID.

Channel: The router will not choose the best channel itself. You need to choose a channel manually. If your router is used as a Wi-Fi repeater, the channel will be fixed according to the connected wireless network.

Speed: The wireless speed of the router.

TX Power (dBm): It specifies the signal strength. The default value is 20 (Strongest)

Click Modify to change the settings of the wireless network.

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