Siemens PLC Remote Programming

Siemens PLC Remote AccessSo why does Siemens PLC remote programming make so much sense ? Ok so lets suppose you have a Siemens S7 1200 PLC installed in a machine at your customers location. The customer asks you if you could decrease a particular timer. The one that puts the machine into a reduced power state if there has been no activity for a while. 

Ordinarily, this would involve a site visit with your laptop running TIA Portal, and connecting to the S7 1200 using ethernet.  This is of course a very inefficient way of working for both you and your customer. Compounding the problem especially if you have to travel a long distance to site. This is even more prevalent today in the wake of the COVID-19 peak and the need to practice social distancing.

But you and you customer have had the foresight to install a remote access solution from PLCLINK , consisting of the IR300 intelligent router and a PLCLINK cloud subscription. At this particular installation, the optional 3g/4g USB modem was specified to give the customer increased security as there is no requirement to connect the IR300 to their LAN.

Now its simply a five minute job, connect to the plc from home in your pyjamas using openvpn and fire up TIA portal and the customer project. Change the relevant TON/TOFF value and upload. PLCLINK pays for itself many times over in this scenario and your customers see the saving themselves in reduced downtime and engineers travel expenses etc.

Plus with the increased emphasis on safe working practices during the COVID-19 pandemic, PLCLINK makes so much more sense. Please check out the video below to find out more

Thanks for watching, and stay safe.


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